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Our Mission's Staff Clergy

Heiromonk Claude Vinyard (Retired)

Our Rector Emeritus, the Very Rev. Mitred Archpriest Claude Vinyard Claude, is a long-time Orthodox priest, who, prior to becoming founding pastor of our mission, served a number of historic Orthodox parishes in Pennsylvania's coal region and elsewhere, including parishes in Mount Carmel and Centralia. His involvement in the parish renewal effort at Christ the Savior Church in Sugar Notch, PA, led directly to establishment of the mission in Lewisburg. A native of Flint, MI, he is a graduate of St. Tikhon's Orthodox Seminary, a former railroad conductor, U.S. Navy veteran, and former VA Hospital Chaplain. In honor of service to the Russian Orthodox Church he is blessed to wear a double Cross.


Fr. Deacon Paul Siewers

Fr. Deacon Paul Siewers received a diploma in pastoral theology from St. John of Kronstadt Pastoral School (ROCOR Diocese of Mid America) in 7526 (2018). Faculty adviser to the Bucknell Orthodox Christian Fellowship, he was ordained Deacon by Bishop Luke at Jordanville in 7528 (2020), after serving the mission as Subdeacon and Reader. A former Chicago newspaperman and now Literature Professor, he has helped organize conferences at Orthodox seminaries and co-edited and contributed to books about Orthodoxy and current issues. He and his family have lived in Lewisburg since 2002.

Phone: (570)523-8876


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