Our Building Project

Building Project for the Mission Parish of
St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco, Union County, PA

See Fr. George's formal appeal here: (PDF)

St. John's in 2021 has embarked on a multi-phase construction program on its land in Winfield, PA, in Union Twp. in central Pennsylvania. A foundation is being laid in February for a structure for worship, for use until a larger structure can be built, at which point the first structure will be used as a fellowship space. The site currently includes 4 acres of land (likely to expand this year to 6 acres), including a small cemetery.


The first phase will involve building a 1,000-square wooden building with a deck, facing east-west, with cathedral ceiling on the east side, over where the altar area will be located. Kitchen and restroom facilities will be provided by a trailer and portable toilets apart from the building.


We estimate that $20,000 will be needed to complete the first phase, beyond the $7,000 already committed by the mission for laying a foundation for the structure. Mission members will donate their labor and construction expertise to put up the structure, and the fundraising goal is mainly to cover lumber and other material costs.


All money donated to our building fund through the link below (specifying building fund) will be designated for building use only, and any surplus funds will be devoted to future phases, including purchase of a trailer, digging a well, constructing a parking lot, and moving ahead with plans for a larger temple. (In the event of any significant change or stop to mission plans, donors will be notified and have the opportunity for a refund, although hopefully that will not be needed.)


Asking for your prayers, and for the intercession of the Most Holy Mother of God, and our patron St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco! Glory to God for all things!

Any questions can be directed to:

Our rector Fr George Sharonoff, g-runnin@hotmail.com, 570-751-9063,

to Fr. Dn. Paul Siewers, siewers7518@gmail.com, 570-523-8876,

or to our Warden/Starosta Luke Soboleski, sobephotography87@gmail.com, 570-447-8748.

If you prefer to donate via check rather than electronic means, a check can be made out to:


Send to: P.O. BOX 591, LEWISBURG, PA 17837