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Our Building Project

Help Beautify God's Temple

St. John's is building. Construction has begun on our new temple in Winfield PA near Lewisburg, the first Orthodox parish temple in the central Susquehanna region. And you can help. We've gathered funding for putting up the walls and roof and heating system. But we need to raise more funds for a small and modest temple that we still want to make beautiful for God: To finish the interior, to install an Orthodox-style Onion Dome atop the building, and to provide basic amenities for visitors including a kitchenette and restrooms. To do that we need to raise an additional $150,000. Any donations will help, and especially we ask for your prayers! We serve an area of small towns and farmland that has not had an Orthodox Church, in central Pennsylvania in the northern Appalachia region. We also serve the Bucknell University community. With an active community Bible Study, a community of mainly converts, and several current catechumens, we hope to bring the Gospel of Orthodoxy to this region that has not experienced it before. Thank you, and may the Lord bless the ongoing Orthodox mission to America!

If you prefer to donate via check rather than electronic means, a check can be made out to:


Send to: P.O. BOX 591, LEWISBURG, PA 17837

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