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The "Belle Vernon" Model for our Temple

We have the blueprints and our local builder estimates a rough cost of $350,000 not including well, septic, and parking lot, which could make the total up to $450,000. A more exact estimate will depend on details such as what kind of siding and flooring we use, etc. This model includes a choir loft and finished basement with restrooms, kitchen, and fellowship space. One unknown will be accessibility requirements for the basement. A group from the mission visited the temple in March and liked it very much (thanks to Luke for photos). Pros: A beautiful space, not too large but conducive to growth, and likely to meet any building requirements, with a design already approved by the Diocese and an Orthodox "look." Cons: Uncertainty about cost and length of time that may be involved in raising funds; it would also still need a rectory. The "Orthoshed with rectory trailer" option described on a separate page would not be instead of this model, but would potentially be a first phase whose "rustic discomfort" would still encourage energetic effort toward constructing this as the temple. See:

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