Welcome to the Saint John of Shanghai and San Francisco Russian Orthodox Mission Church of Winfield-Lewisburg, PA. We are an English-language American parish of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia (ROCOR), with members from diverse backgrounds, part of the worldwide Orthodox Church. All are welcome to come and visit and experience with us the age-old living liturgical life of the Christian Church founded by Jesus Christ.

At this time, we currently worship outdoors on our property in Winfield, PA, when weather permits, or at the Lewisburg Club in downtown Lewisburg, PAIn addition, we offer many online activities.

Worship: Saturday 5 p.m. & Sunday 10 a.m.

Except the third weekend of the month,

then Friday 6 p.m. and Saturday 10 a.m.

Services for the Feast of the Ascension will be on Wed. May 27 at 6 p.m. and Thurs. May 28 at 10 a.m., at the Lewisburg Club, 131 Market St., downtown Lewisburg.

Services on May 31-April 1 tentatively scheduled for: our Church land in Winfield.

Church land on Felmey Road, Winfield, PA

Lewisburg Club, 131 Market Street, Lewisburg, PA

Service locations dependent on weather.

Please contact us to confirm location if not specified.

Click here for more information on services.

Parish Rector: 570-751-9063

Parish Warden: 570-523-8876

Email: stjohnssf.parish@gmail.com